Tell me your wish, Genie

Long time no see, studying has kept me really busy these last month - too busy for my taste. And it's not getting better. But I managed to finish this story and after keeping it on my harddrive for a really long time now, I finally took the time to revise it. So I hope you'll like it.

Have fun reading :)

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Chocolate For You

This story is a request from kamedafan who wanted to read a RyoDa fanfic and it's probably the fastest story I ever wrote :) It may not be perfect, but I think it turned out pretty well and cute. I know it's a bit out of season, but I hope you don't mind ;) I had this story in my head for some time now and just used kamedafan's request as an excuse to finally write it :)

I hope you like it. Have fun reading :)
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I'm back with a new short fanfic. I'll hope you like it. Normally when I think of a story, I already know which characters I'll write about. But this time I got the idea for the end scene first while watching a drama without knowing exactly which characters to put in it. So I thought about which one of the boys would fit the story the best and here is the result. I hope you enjoy it. :)

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Finally finished!! / Announcement

I finally finished my final assignment for university and now I’m free :D :D
And I have time for something else again. Writing fanfics for example. That got a raw deal lately.
But now I’m back with an announcement: sakura_chan24 any I decided to form a community for our collaborations because they’re easier to maintain that way. The name is blueberrydraft. It has no special meaning and it actually doesn’t really make sense, but when we thought about a name, it just popped up in my head and we both thought it sounds nice :)

So my personnel fanfics will stay here and I’m currently moving the others to the new community. If you want to read them, please go there. All posts are open for now.
And in celebration of the occasion the third chapter of Joker Game is up. I hope you’ll like it.
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The Feelings I hide

Pairing: Kame/Junno
Rating: PG
Summary: Junno is acting strange lately and the other members don’t know the reason. Kame has a theory, though, and when Junno’s behavior seems to affect the atmosphere inside the group he finally decides to confront him.

A/N: I wrote this fanfic for kamedafan. She provided the inspiration for this. :)

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Welcome to my journal.
For the beginning, just a really short introduction about me and what this journal will be about.

I'm a Johnny's fangirl and one of my hobbies is writing fanfics about the boys and I finally decided to post them here.

I write most of my stories together with sakura_chan24 and we mainly write about KAT-TUN and Arashi for those are our favorite groups. But we not really have a favorite pairing and we have a liking for bringing as much Johnnys into our stories as we can fit in.
And lately I'm a bit into Korean Idols and actors as well, especially Jang Geun Suk so it's possible that he will also make an appearance in the future.

I'm not sure yet if I will use this journal for something else than the fanfics but if I do these post will probably be friends-only while the fanfics will stay open for everyone.
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